Jul 28,2023

Another Benchmarking Project of Fashion Industry Falls to the Ground! Damon Helps Joeone Intelligent Logistics Upgrade!

At present, the shoes and clothing industry is in a period of profound adjustment and transformation development. Faced with the accelerated integration of online and offline channels, how can clothing brand enterprises further get through the links of goods, logistics, users, services, etc., improve product turnover speed, achieve omnichannel operating, and provide consumers with a more convenient shopping experience? To address these challenges, the digital transformation and upgrading of shoe and clothing logistics centers is an irresistible trend.


As a well-known clothing manufacturing enterprise in China, Joeone has been deeply engaged in the field of men's pants for 34 years, ranked first in the country in terms of comprehensive market share for consecutive 23 years and its more than 2,000 clothing sales offline stores nationwide mainly cover the key commercial circle of the first and second-tier cities across the country. As the world's leading sales of men's pants experts, Joeone always adhere to the exploration of quality, innovation, marketing and customer experience, through the market-oriented vertical integration supply chain management model, effectively control the design, research and development, production, sales, logistics and other major links, in order to better respond to the changing market demand.

Win-win co-operationintelligent logistic center is imperative

As the leader of men's pants in China, Joeone has a clear business expansion strategy, and the annual operation capacity of the original logistics system is far from supporting the huge business volume in the future. In order to improve the ability of commodity distribution services, Joeone invested in the construction of a new modern smart logistics center in Quanzhou, Fujian province, with an overall planning area of 123,000 square meters, accurately helping Joeone's multi-brand efficient operation and the development of all direct distribution businesses across the country.


The Joeone Intelligent Logistics Center Phase I project, which is general contracted by Damon Technology system integration, covers an area of 51,000 square meters and is composed of a commodity storage and processing center with 24,453+ pallet storage and a logistics selection and distribution center, which mainly undertakes the task of the first bunk, replenishment and return of the Group's main brand commodities, to provide end-consumers with "all-channel + all-scene" diversified products and personalized customized services.


"In the Quanzhou Intelligent Logistics Center Phase I project, we have conducted in-depth cooperation with Damon Technology. The reason why we chose Damon as the supplier is mainly because Damon is one of the outstanding logistics automation integrators in the field of shoes and clothing, and has rich experience in successful projects in the same industry, which we attach great importance to. Damon is familiar with the business process of shoes and clothing, can deeply understand the pain points of the industry, and provides effective solutions and core intelligent conveying and sorting equipment has a very high integrated cost-effectiveness.

—— Executive Director Zhu Changchun, Joeone Logistics Management Center


Strength stands out, logistics automation operation newly upgrades

The core of the project is the total length of 2.5km i-G5 modular intelligent carton conveyor line and a Damon self-developed loop cross-belt sorter system with a sorting efficiency of up to 14,000 pieces per hour, supported by a suspension chain conveying system and a vertical conveyor system with a goods combined flow rate of up to 15,000 pieces per hour. For the multipack automatic sorting needs of customers, Damon integrated advanced mini yellow robot intelligent sorting system, greatly improving the order processing capacity of the original manual mode.


Since the current logistics distribution of Joeone is mainly direct distribution terminal stores, Damon has canceled the conventional replenishment mode in the picking area, and uses the method of ex-warehousing of the all same goods, picking and reverse racking to reduce the store direct distribution business replenishment pressure, giving priority to ensuring the timely delivery of products.


The goods are received by the flex belt conveyor. In the process of conveying and sorting, the online code reading, weighing, review and grid distribution can be completed independently. The problem carton will be automatically sorted to the manual location for unpacking inspection; After the goods complete automatic labeling and information verification, they are sorted by high-speed balance wheel sorter, and then loaded and shipped. These automated processes not only free up labor costs, but also greatly reduce the cost of returning goods in response to incorrect shipments, reducing the overall operating costs of the logistics center.


Whether the Joeone intelligent logistics center can operate efficiently, it is very important to closely dock and cooperate with production, sales and other links. The WCS software scheduling management system independently developed by Damon can be seamlessly connected with the WMS integration platform of Joeone logistics center. The platform can summarize the data of various hardware devices and subsystems according to diversified business demands, achieve highly integrated software management, and fully open up the data barriers between the order system and the logistics system to help Joeone to build a perfect information system.


The project of Joeone Intelligent Logistics Center Phase I Project has been officially put into formal use in September 2021. With the smooth delivery of Logistics automation equipment and systems, the daily average receiving capacity of Joeone Logistics Center has increased from 30000 to 50000, the daily average shipping capacity has increased from 50000 to 80000, the picking capacity has significantly increased by 45%, and the time for new product distribution has been shortened from 14 days to 4 days, significantly improving the timeliness of commodity distribution and the ability to fulfill orders, received high praise from the customer.


The strong logistics system created by Damon for Joeone is sufficient to support the current business needs and provide strong logistics support and guarantee for the group's annual sales target of 10 billion yuan by 2025." Mr. Zhu commented.


In the future, Damon will continue to be market demand-oriented, and continue to create high-quality intelligent logistics automation system solutions that meet the needs of sustainable business development for the majority of leading enterprises in the footwear and apparel industry, improve the logistics operation efficiency of warehousing and distribution, help customers create value and achieve long-term development.

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