Skewed Wheel Diverter

A good helper to balance the number of packages and improve sorting efficiency


The Skewed Wheel Diverter is an efficient diversion solution, with its core function to balance the number of packages in each chute, improve the infeeding efficiency, thus maximizing the sorting efficiency. It is very suitable for the diversion of large batches of small items such as cartons, boxes and, parcels, which can greatly improve the efficiency of the sorting system, reduce waste and save operating and management costs. The Skewed Wheel Diverter is mainly used in the pushing of packages from the infeeding table in front of the cross-belt sorter, and the packages are transported forward by the skewed belt conveyor. The system automatically opens and closes the chute door of each package-infeeding chute according to the preset mechanism. When the chute door goes down, the package will slide down to the package-infeeding chute by gravity. If it is detected by photoelectricity that the chute is full of packages, the chute door will automatically go up and be closed, then the next chute door will automatically go up, and then repeat in this way for package infeeding. There is a manual switch button under each manual infeeding table and by pushing the button, the automated open-and-close mode of the chute door will be switched to the manual mode.


  • High Load Capacity
    With a design of high load capacity, it can bear double load or more, and the complete machine is stable and reliable.
    The large size design is especially suitable for the conveying and diversion of large batches of small packages.
    All support bodies adopt the precision welding technology, which is sturdy and durable.

  • Standardized Design
    Both the belt conveyor and the chute door adopt a standardized and modular design, which supports fast assembly and disassembly.
    The standardized design for pitch increase and decrease makes its application more flexible and is not limited to standard specifications.
    The standard positioning belt matched with the V-shaped bearing positioning enables the belt to operate with little wear and without running off.

  • Low Error Rate
    The standardized and modular design and manufacturing of the complete machine ensure its consistent product quality.
    It has a simple structure with not many drive components, and the product is sturdy and durable.
    Both the belt conveyor and the chute door adopt mature technology and precision components so that the error rate is low.

  • Large load capacity
  • Standardization
  • High durability
  • Low error rate


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