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In order to explore and respond to numerous unknown logistics challenges, Damon Logistics Innovation Academy relies on its own superior resources and innovative projects to integrate such functions as logistics knowledge updates, industry exchange activities, logistics tools, and application development. The academy brings together logistics experts, scholars, leaders and entrepreneurs from different industries to help stimulate innovative thinking and establish a systematic, diversified and innovative open platform of cross-sector integration, providing logistics practitioners with unlimited opportunities. Cross-industry, practice, innovative fields, and industry-university-research integration will be distinct directions that Damon Logistics Innovation Academy head in.


The Logistics Technology Innovation Institute was established in Huzhou on 6th November 2017. It is located in Damon Intelligent Innovation  valley and covers more than 8,000 square meters. This place contains few functionalities including product display, testing, training, reporting, and entertainment. As a smart logistics technology meeting room, Damon already taken a firm leading step on the road to building an innovative entity.Damon Chairman Zhuo Xu mentioned that “The R&D and technical innovation requires a platform and environment. Damon Logistics Innovation Institute will rely on the platform of the Innovation Center to empower society, industries, and users.” We will popularize advanced logistics technology knowledge for the public, discuss the future develop direction of the logistics industry with industry colleagues, promote technical exchanges between Chinese and foreign logistics enterprises, and drive the development of China's logistics technology.

Information sharing and capacity improvement

According to the development of the market, master the most cutting-edge product and technical information in the industry. We will regularly carry out small to medium-sized trainings for you to grab the latest information while enhancing your personal professional knowledge, and help you become a better logistics talent.

● Enhancement of operation and management capabilities

● Improve logistics operation capabilities

● Enhance professional technical knowledge

● Improved business model

● Enhancement of capital operation capabilities

Interaction & Communication

According to different industry attributes, we will organize professional salons, forums and seminars from time to time, invite industry leaders to talk with you about the most popular product technical standards, and jointly empower the industry.

Industry tools make logistics easier

We will organize internal and external forces to promote industry experience, new technologies, new software into publications, and release to the entire industry. These practices form unique application software, professional operation manuals, industry dictionaries, SOP R&D, general works, and project case collections.

Application development joint innovation

Actively cooperate with well-known domestic and foreign application companies to develop and establish a joint laboratory for major scientific research projects. Combining their own resource advantages to empower the industry and contribute to the development of the entire industrial supply chain. Damon has successively signed strategic cooperation agreements with many leading domestic and foreign companies such as Dahua Technology, Honeywell, Cognex, Schneider, etc. Now we have established Schneider Smart Logistics Digitalization Joint Laboratory and Cognex Smart Vision Experiment Laboratory, SEW Intelligent Drive Laboratory, Shanghai Jiaotong University RFID Joint Laboratory, Shanghai Jiaotong University Joint Robotics Laboratory, Huzhou.

Training base resource sharing

As a training base, all logistics equipment and resources are open to the industry.

Technology promotion helps the industry

We will build sub-field scenarios through content planning, quickly promote the innovative application achievements, and conduct online and offline dissemination.

College Think Tank

Damon Innovation Institute brings the most authoritative innovation experts and global logistics scholars together. Each expert has been groping in the industry for decades and has a wealth of theoretical and practical experience to provide the most advanced logistics knowledge and technology. Also, they can share and discuss the trend of global logistics development and will be beneficial to help the growth and progress of the local logistics industry and logistics personnel.

Education and Training

Damon unremittingly pursues to assist clients to stand out in the constantly changing market through high-quality and systematic product and service training. Our courses are set up for sales and project planning personnel in various industries. The training programs cover product advantages, project management, planning and design, practical application and other areas to improve the comprehensive handling capabilities of personnel. Our modern training facilities can provide an ideal training environment to the utmost extent to ensure efficient learning of all learners.

Clients and Partners

We believe that growing together with our clients and partners lays the cornerstone for our business development, as well as reflects our value. Here, we can exchange ideas, share experience, learn about best practices and up-to-date knowledge in the industry. At the same time, we provide our clients and partners with many training sessions and seminars on different themes. All kinds of training contents, such as product knowledge, installation procedures, and maintenance training, are provided. Also, different courses can be customized as needed.

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