Pallet Conveyor

The Modular Intelligent Pallet Conveying Platform


The New Modular Intelligent Conveying Platform, as an intelligent pallet conveyor system, is the result of Damon's over 20 years of R&D, manufacturing, and application focusing on the field of conveying, sorting, and an efficient solution for fully automated and continuous handling of heavy cargoes.

The Pallet Conveyor enables even bulky cargoes to move and be distributed efficiently. The maximal load of the complete machine can reach up to 3000kg, and stable conveying of 20m/min can be easily realized. This series contains multiple types such as conveyor, diverter, reverser, palletizer, depalletizer, change of conveying channels, etc. Any of the types can be combined and matched with each other. The intelligent i-SelectionTM system allows you to easily and quickly build and configure the pallet conveyor system.


  • Intelligent Center
    The intelligent pallet conveyor designed based on IoT thinking is an "intelligent unit" of the intelligent logistics system.  
    It can realize smart control and maintenance based on automatic sensing, DSmartTMsmart intelligent starter.
    The new PHEGDA (PHM) system can provide users with all intelligent services, enabling the conveyor and the conveyor system to always operate at "peak performance".

  • Excellent and Easy to Use
    With a standardized and modular design, it can realize fast assembly and disassembly, and greatly shorten the delivery cycle.
    With a general side frame, support leg, and guardrail it allows the "insertion/adjustment" of the new unit/module on the old system.
    Used easily like building blocks, it makes the combination of applications easier and the system layout more flexible.

  • Energy Saving and Environmental Protection
    The series is equipped with a new energy-efficient motor and adopts an intelligent sleep-mode design as standard, automatically suspending operation when there is no cargo to save energy and reduce equipment wastage.
    It adopts a new energy-efficient motor and an intelligent motor starter to maximize energy efficiency.
    The unique product design of  pallet conveyor enables itself to generate almost zero "noise pollution".

  • Reliable and Durable
    It adopts brand new parts and machine structures and a safety design, making it stabler while satisfying the load capacity.
    Its high-precision processing techniques such as integrated roll forming and molding, have strengthened product assembly precision, firmness and quality consistency.
    Over 20 years of experience in market testing and R&D has contributed to the "almost zero" error rate of the pallet conveyor.

  • Simple structure
  • High security and reliability
  • Intelligent maintenance
  • Large load capacity


Double-row Center Drive Chain Conveyor

Three-row Center Drive Chain Conveyor


Chain Type Power Turntable

Double Chain Roller Bed Conveyor

Roller Type Power Pop-up Transfer

Roller Type Power Turntable

RGV Rail Shuttle

RGV Rail Shuttle

Pallet Destacker/Pallet Stacker

Pallet Entry Protection Device+ Forklift Stop(Matching Effect With Double Row Chain Conveyor)

Side Pallet Entry Protection Device + Forklift

Pallet Exit Protection Device +Forklift Stop

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