Sliding Shoe Sorter

Star Sorter in the Supermarket and Express Industries


Dash SSS-III High-speed Sliding Shoe Sorter is the third generation of new sorter dedicated and developed by Damon for many years, being a perfect mix of speed and reliability and also a nice match of structure and shape. It is the crystallization of Damon's years of focus on the sorting technology and a perfect display of a new generation of intelligent sorting system. No matter how changeable the weight, shape, and size of cargoes are, the unique Sliding Shoe Sorter can operate in an accurate, flexible and fast way. This system has a super high speed switch capability of which it feels proud, a highly-applicable sorting system in many fields.


  • Industrial Design for the Whole Body
    With a perfect combination of industrial design and technology and by adopting high-strength plastic materials, aluminum alloys, and other materials for all the units and components, the system possesses both modern aesthetic value and high quality.

  • Electromagnetic and High-speed Switch Technology
    With the latest electromagnetic driven and high-speed switch technology, the perfect mix of speed and motion curve, the switching capability in milliseconds, and the creative shifting fork vibration elimination technology, it is safe, reliable, and maintenance-free.

  • High Speed Sorting Capability
    The sorter host can reach a steady linear speed of 2.5m/s. The maximal sorting rate of one side can reach 8,000 p/h and items can be sorted at both sides at the same time.

  • Modular Unit Integration Technology
    It adopts a modular unit integration technology, simple and reasonable in structure and easier for maintenance. It takes only two minutes to remove and replace the sliding shoes.

  • Low Noise Running Mechanism Technology
    The unique running mechanism reduces noise and creates a more comfortable working environment, with the noise level of the operating mainline below 72db.

  • Two-motor Synchronous Main Drive Technology
    By replacing the single high-power motor drive technology with the low-power dual-motor drive technology, it enables the smooth drive of the sorter host with higher control precision and a stabler structure.

  • High-speed switching
  • High-speed sorting
  • Modularization
  • Low noise


The Whole Conveyor Layout Schematic

Sliding Shoe Sorter

Automatic Identification System

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