Swivel Wheel Sorter

"All-Round" Sorter


The Damon Swivel Wheel Sorter is a brand new standardized single- piece sorter based on IoT thinking and a modular design. It can be arranged at any node of the intelligent conveyor system to complete the direction steering and path sorting of items conveyed, and becomes an "intelligent unit" in the intelligent logistics system. It has three types of belt, roller, and O-belt wheel. Based on the PHEGDA (PHM) system, it can provide users with all kinds of intelligent services such as equipment status, maintenance strategy, maintenance plan, and life management, etc. The belt and roller types of Swivel Wheel Sorter are stabler and more efficient in package conveying and sorting since the conveying surface is "relatively flat", which is especially suitable for the conveying and sorting of all kinds of parcels, clothing, books, cartons, boxes, some soft packages, small items, etc. The O-belt wheel type is only suitable for conveying and sorting items with a flat bottom such as cartons and boxes due to the limited contact with the items conveyed, thus being unable to convey soft packages and relatively light and small packages.


  • Excellent Drive Technology
    It adopts the electromagnetic drive technology, with frictionless contact and stable and low noise operation.
    It adopts the excellent drive technology, with high load capacity, fast speed and smooth drive.
    The unique swivel wheel unit enables large areas of flexible contact with the bottom of the item and also stable conveying and sorting.

  • Design for Fast Assembly and Disassembly
    Both the single swivel wheel and single module adopts a standardized and modular design.
    The unique swivel wheel unit enables large areas of flexible contact with the bottom of the item and also stable conveying and sorting.
    The conveying unit is an independent module and can be easily disassembled and separated from the drive component, with convenient and quick assembly, disassembly, and maintenance.

  • Precise Control Technology
    The start and stop of the equipment are controlled according to the arrival of packages, which is efficient and energy-saving.
    The servo drive can steer direction when sorting, with quick response and precise control over the steering angle.
    It can realize single-direction, bidirectional and multi-angle sorting.

  • Accurate control
  • Smooth drive
  • Modular design
  • Multi-angle sorting


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Roller Type Balance Wheel Sorter

O Belt Balance Wheel Sorter

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