Robot Mini-Load

An integrated solution for temporary storage, ranking, sowing, and picking.


The Robot Mini-LoadTM system refers to a set of standardized and modular small work bin-style and automated stereoscopic warehouses. It has unparalleled flexible scalability, and advantages such as unmanned operation, high efficiency, strong flexibility, easy maintenance, low construction costs, and short delivery periods. It is particularly suitable for work bin processing in the processes such as caching, ranking, picking and sowing, and unmanned picking for internal logistics of the manufacturing industries and e-commerce logistics centers. The Robot Mini-LoadTM system is composed of standardized multi-joint robots, circular multi-layer storage racks, location and safety sensors, WCS, and an intelligent high-precision localization system, etc. It can work together with the i-G5 Box Roller Conveyor System to form an automated, standardized, and unitized intelligent storage system. The system is also a standard intelligent unit in an intelligent logistics system. Working together with WMS and PHEGDA (PHM) system, it can realize big data analysis and provide suggestions for making decisions on system equipment maintenance.


  • Cost-effective and Efficient
    It supports the high-speed operation of 380 box-times of circulation/ hour/standard group, and its operation of multiple groups in parallel can multiply the throughput.
    Robots operate around the clock (24/7) to guarantee continuous and efficient storage and pick-up.
    The whole process is unmanned, which saves costs and avoids problems such as labor shortages and personnel management difficulties.

  • Fast Deployment
    With standardized manufacturing and assembly, it achieves the comprehensive delivery cycle of only 50% of that of traditional systems.
    The standardized and modular design supports fast assembly/disassembly and easy maintenance.
    The standardized modules support a combination of any multiple modules in parallel and support easy deployment.

  • High Availability
    One machine offers multiple functions for purposes such as caching, ranking, sorting and sowing, and unmanned sorting.
    Its standardized three-dimensional caching saves space and brings convenient system expansion.
    With a wide range of applications, it is suitable for various scenarios such as protective storage of high-value commodities, automatic material supply, and execution of shipment orders.

  • Cost-effective and efficient
  • High availability
  • Fast deployment
  • Extensive application


Robot Mini-load TM Intelligent Logistics System

Robot Mini-load TM Intelligent Logistics System

Robot Mini-load TM Intelligent Logistics System

Robot Mini-load TM Intelligent Logistics System

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