Overhead Conveyor Series

An overhead conveying and sorting system suitable for footwear, apparel and supermarket industries


Damon's overhead conveying and sorting solution contains the DUCK high-speed mono overhead conveying and sorting system and the B28 double-track trolley overhead conveying and sorting system.

DUCK has such core functions as handling, conveying, sorting, accumulation, and buffering. It has various forms and uses such as conveying ready-to-wear clothes hangers, hanging bags, brackets, etc., with items conveyed smoothly, accumulated, and sorted flexibly (either classified or mixed together). It is especially suitable for order fulfillment in scenarios such as supermarket retailing and sorting, clothing factory and its logistics center as well as e-commerce logistics distribution center. B28 has two tracks, the upper one used for the main drive chain and the lower one for trolley conveying and loading. It's very suitable for simultaneously conveying and sorting multiple hanging bags/brackets, allowing different application scenarios and amounts. From simple handling and conveying to automatic sorting for order fulfillment, B28 can always give full play to its strong points.


  • Non-polluting and More Environmental Friendly
    It has a unique non-polluting main chain and main slider hook, and high-strength permanent self-lubricating engineering resin material, without oil or noise pollution.  
    It has a unique sliding rail for accumulation and the high-strength self-lubricating engineering resin material of coated steel, which is permanently lubricated and has a high load capacity.
    The energy consumption per 100MTL monorail is only 0.85kW per hour.

  • Smart Structure and More Flexible
    The route is arranged in a flexible and changeable way and can adapt to all-scenario applications such as straight line, curve, flat, uphill/downhill, etc.
    Various forms such as hook, hanging bag, and bracket can be extended out of the vehicles of the DUCK system based on the towing hook.
    Based on the traffic and application scenarios, any number of infeeding and outfeeding of packages can be arranged to meet clients' needs for traffic.

  • Less Drive and Maintenance
    With the design of an auto-tensioning chain and self-lubricating sliding rail, no special maintenance is needed.
    With a high-precision hot-extruded aluminum conveying frame, it is smooth in conveying, wear-resistant, and non-deformable.
    Based on the traffic and application scenarios, any number of infeeding and outfeeding of packages can be arranged to meet clients' needs for traffic

  • Efficient and Attractive
    The unique track switching (sorting) structural design makes the sorting and merge more precise, faster, and smoother.
    The unique industrial design not only adds product features but also has a higher aesthetic value.

  • Accurate and efficient
  • Flexible deployment
  • Energy saving and environmental friendly
  • Extensive application


Conveying Main Rail

Sorting Mechanism

Traction Hook

Traction Drive

Incline/Decline Conveying

Turning Conveying

Accumulation Guide Rail

Path Sorting/Temporary Storage To Be Delivered

Trolley Horizontal Conveying

Trolley Inclined/Declined Conveying

Automatic Sorting/Temporary Storage To Be Delivered

Traction Drive

Trolley Temporary Storage(Manual)

Trolley Picking/Coat Hanger Temporary Storage(Manual)

Multi-layer Deployment

Empty Trolley Accumulation

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