AGVS Scheduling System

AGVS System is the "brain" of the intelligent Handling System that controls AGV


AGVS System is used to control and schedule AGV transfer robot. It is the core of the logistics transfer robot system and the "brain" that controls AGV. Damon AGVS integrates multiple functions of vehicle trunked scheduling, intelligent task distribution, intelligent planning and path generation, and intelligent traffic control, which significantly improve the operating efficiency of the AGV handling system and realize systematic multi-vehicle scheduling.
As the core of intelligent logistics system of enterprises, Damon AGVS System can also be connected to WCS, MES, WMS, ERP and other systems to break through the data chain of the whole plant. When docking PHEGDATM (PHM) system, it can also provide users with various intelligent services such as equipment status, maintenance strategies, maintenance plans, life management, and remote maintenance.

Product Features

  • Intelligent Scheduling
    Based on task, storage location, vehicle location and the status of shuttling equipment, schedule the vehicles and optimize the path in real time to ensure AGV's operation efficiency 
    With intelligent obstacle avoidance, deadlock prediction and avoidance, and congestion management, AGV utilization is higher in combination with real-time monitoring
    The intelligent scheduling algorithm developed jointly with prestigious international universities optimizes the commodity entry and exit paths on a real-time basis to ensure the throughput of the entire warehouse

  • Ease of Use
    The system interface is easy to use, and vehicles can be added or supplemented at any time to cope with big promotion or capacity expansion
    It provides vehicle status real-time display, abnormal alarm feedback, electric power management, automatic charging control, and work log records
    Different ID authorities can be configured to satisfy the priority queue jumping sequence 

  • High Compatibility 
    The system integrates multiple AGV operating modes to cope with multiple operating scenarios, and is compatible with multiple types of AGV robots for collaborative operation
    The communication interface is standardized so that it can be easily connected to WCS, MES, WMS, and ERP to realize the AGV scheduling control cooperation
    With the configuration of master-secondary servers, when the master server breaks down, the secondary server can complete configuration and take over within 10s

  • Intelligent scheduling
  • Real-time path
  • Mutual backup
  • Stable and efficient


System simulation diagram 1

System simulation diagram 2

System simulation diagram 3

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