Narrow-belt Sorter

Reliable, Durable, and Highly Cost-Effective Sorter


The Narrow-Belt Sorter uses multiple parallel narrow belts as the conveying surface and pop-up roller transfers as diverters, enabling bidirectional sorting at a 90-degree angle. It is suitable for scenarios where all kinds of items are handled and sorted into densely arranged diverting lanes or workstations, for sorting products at the end of the production line to the palletizing area, for sorting products to the packaging area for checking after order picking, and for sorting products to the storage area. The Narrow-Belt Sorter features a light structure, easy maintenance, high cost-effectiveness, and low noise. The sorting channels of the Narrow-Belt Sorter can be arranged next to each other and the density of the diverting lanes is nearly the same as that of the cross-belt sorter, which is more space-saving. It is suitable for the change and modular expansion of sorting channels and is a highly cost-effective solution in terms of automatic sorting of small and medium products.


  • High Stability and Reliability
    Horizontal, narrow belts in multiple fixed tracks support the items conveyed stably and the belts never run off the track.
    The conveying and pop-up drives are independent of each other. It also features intelligent drive control, precise arrival of packages, and precise sorting.
    2Over 20 years of R&D and manufacturing experience has contributed to its stable and reliable quality.

  • Low Maintenance Cost and Environmental Protection
    It features high molecular polyethylene guide tracks, with small wear, low noise, and long life of belts when they operate.
    Each narrow belt has an independent automatic tensioning device, which greatly reduces the workload of maintenance.
    The high-strength narrow belt is connected by steel reeds, which has high connection strength and is more convenient for installation and replacement.

  • Standardized and Easier to Use
    The compact modular design makes the gap between roller transfers smaller and the sorting channels denser.
    The standardized roller transfer can be embedded in any node of the general frame, which can realize on-site shifting or rearrangement.
    The complete machine adopts a standardized and modular design, supporting quick assembly and disassembly.

  • High stable and reliable
  • Energy saving and consumption reducing
  • Standard and easy to use
  • Convenient maintenance


Narrow Belt Sorter

Review of Packing Sorting Application Schematic

Path Sorting Application Schematic

Cache Application Schematic

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