Multi-Shuttle (Pallet)

Excellent solution for high-density storage and high throughput.


The Intelligent Pallet Shuttle is an intelligent storage and handling system that integrates four-way driving, in-situ track change, automated storage, pick-up and handling (across lanes), intelligent monitoring, intelligent scheduling and dynamic control. It can be applied in combination with the dedicated Vertical Conveyor, Import-and-export Pallet Conveyor, and realize the automated handling of various types and materials of load-carrying pallets such as the two-sided ones and those in the shape of the "chuan (川)" and "tian (田)" characters as well as the operations of the shuttle with a change of layers. The system supports the "first in, first out", "first in, last out", single-channel multi-SKU storage and pick-up, and all types of warehousing operations such as the full pallet, full case, and broken case ones. The Intelligent Pallet Shuttle can be combined with the dedicated Vertical Conveyor, Carton Shelf Storehouse, WMS, WCS, etc. to form an "Intelligent Pallet Three-dimensional Storehouse" which, supported by the PHEGDA (PHM) system, can provide you with all kinds of intelligent services in terms of equipment status, maintenance strategy, maintenance plan, life management, satisfying the requirements of the current new logistics era for high-density, high efficiency, flexibility, intelligence and less maintenance.


  • Multi-Protection and More Security
    It features intelligent obstacle detection at both front and rear, intelligent obstacle avoidance, and intelligent multi-vehicle collision avoidance.
    It also features intelligent cargo inspection at both front and rear, accurate and automated storage and pick-up, and more efficient handling.
    With the intelligent smoke sensor, intelligent temperature sensor and anti-collision buffer at both front and rear, the operation is safer.

  • Intelligent Control and More Reliability
    With its intelligent drive control, the acceleration and high-speed operation are both smoother (while supporting semi-automated control at the same time).
    With the imported famous laser code scanner, the positioning is faster and more accurate.
    With the high anti-interference and industrial-grade wireless communication of 5.8G, the communication is stable and reliable.

  • More Space-saving
    The passageway is integrated with the storage pallets, which increases the storage capacity of cargoes by 3 times at most.
    With excellent space utilization, it is suitable for transformations of all kinds of special-shaped space and the arrangement is more flexible.
    Additional vehicles and lanes can be added at any time, which makes the expansion of space more convenient.

  • Intelligent Algorithms and Higher Efficiency
    Intelligent algorithms can realize real-time path planning and intelligent path allocation, making the system more accurate.
    Goods allocation can be configured independently, which can easily respond to changes in business mode and demand, making the infeeding and outfeeding efficiency higher.
    The Pallet Shuttle and the dedicated Vertical Conveyor back each other up. The failure of either one does not affect the operation of the entire system.

  • Standardized Design and Easy Maintenance
    It features a standardized design of fast disassembly and easy maintenance in a short time.
    With a preset maintenance cycle and automated acousto-optic alarm, it can support emergency rescue stop to address failure on the site via the remote control.
    The remote failure dispatch software greatly shortens the maintenance cycle of "sudden failure".

  • Easier to Use with Quality Components
    The imported famous-brand hydraulic cylinder is stable and reliable.
    The automotive-grade high-quality lithium battery has less electrical losses and longer battery life.
    The quality intelligent fast charger supports manual charging and is more efficient.

  • Advanced algorithm
  • Stable and reliable
  • Cost-effective and efficient
  • Flexible expansion









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