Split Tray Sorter

"Fighter Aircraft" in the express delivery and footwear and clothing industries


The Split Tray Sorter is an economical solution for the sorting of small and mid-sized packages. This product has the flexibility of conventional cross belt, and advantages such as uniquely high flexibility, little space occupation, etc., which is especially suitable for the upgrading of compact distribution centers of different sizes. While helping users save money, it can also make better use of the existing space. The Split Tray Sorter is a highly efficient manual infeeding sorter, which is very suitable for the sorting of soft apparel packages, books, express letters, audio-visual products, and other flat non-breakables products. A maximum of 18720 trays can pass per hour and it can also realize automatic sorting with or without the bar code, which greatly reduces the sorting costs compared with the conventional manual sorting.


  • High Flexibility
    With a unique chainless design, it can go uphill and downhill and can be arranged in almost any shape. 
    The drive device can be arranged at any node of the ring sorting system according to the terrain and can make left and right linear turns. 
    It can realize the sorting of the small, medium, and large items by intelligently controlling the trays via IoT.  

  • Little Space Occupation
    It can directly sort items into the transport container or box, and there is no need for a chute. 
    With a unique design, there is no need for an additional infeeding table nor conveyor line. 
    The structure of the complete machine is compact, making full use of the special-shaped site, and the comprehensive area occupied is very small.  

  • Modular Design
    The complete machine adopts a standardized and modular design and supports fast assembly and disassembly. 
    With a unique design of a standardized drive structure, it has high drive efficiency and is very energy-saving.
    It has multiple standard tray designs such as a split single tray, split double trays, and independent four trays.  

  • Highly flexibility
  • Space conservation
  • Modular design
  • Multi-pallet design


Manual Cargo Putting

Sorting Pallet

Eurosort Sorter

Eurosort Sorter Layout Schematic

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