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Mass Manufacturing

Damon is always committed to providing its clients with individualized intelligent logistics solutions by using standard and modular products. On the basis of standardization, mass manufacturing is achieved, the unified and batch manufacturing of which enables factories to accelerate technical transformation and boost their technical competences. This results in accelerated cost reduction, improved product quality, enhanced product delivery capability, and shortened lead time of products, boosting product competitiveness.


To adapt to the development toward modernization of enterprises, Damon is focused on the following digitalization efforts: digitalized research and development: upgrading automated electromechanical products to intelligent logistics products and systems; digitalized production: sparing no effort to build digitalized factories based on information systems and enhance product competitiveness through standardized, modular mass production; digitalized production equipment: establishing an equipment lifecycle management platform system through a combination of cloud technology, AI + IoT, and digitalization of production equipment.


Since the formulation of its international strategy with a global vision in 2010, Damon has set up a reliable network of overseas production bases and a team of excellent local service personnel in overseas markets. Damon is now capable of quickly delivering products to local clients in overseas markets, as well as providing them with a full range of services including sales, scheme planning and project delivery, to quickly deploy a more complete overseas marketing and service network, and build a stronger overseas project service capability.

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