Pulley Conveyor Series

Product Introduction


Damon Express Pulley Conveyor series models are specially optimized based on the I-G5 series and the working conditions of the express delivery and e-commerce industries. The pulley conveying series plays the role of pulling aside, centering, shunt/confluence and flexible conveying at the end. It provides some of functional supplement to the belt conveying series and they are well complementary to each other.
The pulley conveyor is mainly composed of the driving pulley, frame, support leg, drive device, etc., with such features as high load capacity, fast speed, quick operation and long service life. The complete machine also adopts a standardized and modular design. The product is robust, reliable, durable and has a combined fast assembly and disassembly design, which makes the installation and maintenance more efficient and convenient.

Product Features

  • More Efficient
    AC drive is powerful, and has thus a higher load capacity and efficiency.
    Standardized control enables a more convenient system function configuration. 
    Low, medium and high speed design to allow fast assignment under the different conditions.

  • More Useful
    The transition plate ingeniously links the upstream and downstream belt conveyor, enabling the parcel to pass through smoothly.
    Adopts a standardized and modular design that allows it to be perfectly compatible with any section of the belt conveyor.
    Ingenious design enables the conveyor to carry out the conveying of different functions on one conveying surface.

  • More Environmental Friendly
    Adopts an intelligent sleep design and a new energy-efficient motor, automatically suspending operation when there is no parcel, to save energy and reduce consumption.
    Adopts a low-noise structural design, which greatly reduces noise when it runs at a high conveying speed.
    Damon pulleys enable smooth conveying and lower damping, and are more energy efficient.

  • Simple structure
  • Safe and durable
  • Convenient maintenance
  • Energy saving and low noise


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