In order to explore and respond to numerous unknown logistics challenges, Damon Logistics Innovation Academy relies on its own superior resources and innovative projects to integrate such functions as logistics knowledge updates, industry exchange activities, logistics tools, and application development. The academy brings together logistics experts, scholars, leaders and entrepreneurs from different industries to help stimulate innovative thinking and establish a systematic, diversified and innovative open platform of cross-sector integration, providing logistics practitioners with unlimited opportunities. Cross-industry, practice, innovative fields, and industry-university-research integration will be distinct directions that Damon Logistics Innovation Academy head in.


The Logistics Technology Innovation Institute was established in Huzhou on 6th November 2017. It is located in Damon Intelligent Innovation  valley and covers more than 8,000 square meters. This place contains few functionalities including product display, testing, training, reporting, and entertainment. As a smart logistics technology meeting room, Damon already taken a firm leading step on the road to building an innovative entity.Damon Chairman Zhuo Xu mentioned that “The R&D and technical innovation requires a platform and environment. Damon Logistics Innovation Institute will rely on the platform of the Innovation Center to empower society, industries, and users.” We will popularize advanced logistics technology knowledge for the public, discuss the future develop direction of the logistics industry with industry colleagues, promote technical exchanges between Chinese and foreign logistics enterprises, and drive the development of China's logistics technology.

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