Cross-belt Sorter

Excellent and Efficient Cross-belt Sorting System


The Cross-belt Sorter is composed of dozens or even hundreds of belt conveyor vehicles that move perpendicularly to the main direction, while the sorting system is composed of the infeeding part (automatic or manual), distancing, parcel positioning, identification, sorter host, outfeeding part, control system, etc. It can efficiently sort all kinds of cartons, boxes, clothing parcels, printed items, and other parcels, and is currently the mainstream high-speed and efficient sorting equipment in the fields of e-commerce, express delivery, footwear and clothing, etc. The intelligent high-speed Cross-belt Sorter based on IoT thinking is not only an efficient intelligent sorting system but also an "intelligent unit" in the intelligent logistics system. Combined with the PHEGDA (PHM) system, it can provide all kinds of intelligent services for clients, enabling the Cross-belt Sorter and its system to always operate at "peak performance".


  • Low Consumption Loop Drive Technology
    Asynchronous Linear Motor
    It adopts the integrated high-efficiency wire set and integrated module technology; high thermal conductive aluminum thermal interface material, high-density heat flow exhaust and cooling technology; and small gap wheel guided bilateral solenoid drive.

    Synchronous Linear Motor
    The high thermal conductive coil has a load capacity up to 200%. Transducer/shorter cable can be installed on-site, free from EMC interference. It has low driving resistance and no driving friction.

  • Cross-belt Servo Motorized Roller Direct Drive Technology
    A vehicle with a servo motorized roller drive is more efficient and starts in milliseconds, with more accurate infeeding and outfeeding of packages. The vehicle body is simple in structure, light, low in weight, energy consumption and convenient in assembly and disassembly. The pulse technology replaces the conventional synchronous drive, ensuring more accurate item alignment.

  • Modular and Fast Maintenance
    It adopts the industrial design of the modular structure and fast assembly and disassembly technology. It takes only 5 minutes to change a cross-belt vehicle and maintenance is extremely convenient. With the perfect mix of the super-light aluminum vehicle body with optimized structure and low noise running mechanism, it operates with a noise level no more than 68dB.

  • Flexible Arrangement
    It can be arranged as one-layer, two-layer, or even multi-layer by making full use of the height and saving space. The upper and lower layers in the two-layer or multi-layer form can operate synchronously or independently to meet different sorting requirements.

  • Customized Outfeeding Part
    Different types of lower outfeeding parts are chosen according to different clients' needs. It has various forms to arrange lower outfeeding parts such as one-layer, two-layer, and even multi-layer that operates independently or together. It can flexibly set up the distribution mode of the outfeeding part of the two-layer or multi-layer sorter.

  • Intelligent Communication Control Technology
    Based on the distributed wireless communication and fast roaming technology, it can realize instant communication and precise control all the way no matter how long the ring is. The control system adopts Profinet, TCP/IP, RS485, and other intelligent communication forms, and the remote intelligent error diagnosis and maintenance are realized by adopting technologies such as Prodave and OPC.

  • PHEGDA (PHM) System
    AI (artificial intelligence) can help analyze massive data, and show the equipment status, workload, health status, etc. quickly and directly. BI data mining can help meet the needs of decision support or specific queries and reports in a multi-dimensional environment. OEE equipment improves and optimizes production efficiency, predicts results by monitoring data in real-time, and proposes targeted maintenance plans and measures.

  • Low energy consumption
  • Modularization
  • Intelligent control
  • Remote maintenance


Dare Whole Sorter Deployment Schematic

Sorter Main Frame

Double layer Or Multi-layer Deployment

Dawn Whole Conveyor Deployment Schematic

Dawn Sorter Main Frame

Manual Parcel Feeding

Automatic Parcel Feeding

Top Part Parcel Feeding(Dawn Only)

Automatic Identification System

Straight Chute Grid

Turning Plate Chute Grid

Mailbag Grid

Cage Trolley Grid

Without/With Power Roller Bed Grid

Double Layer Curved Surface Chute Grid(Dare Only)

DawnElastic Basket(Dawn Only)

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