There is no doubt that e-commerce has become a leading force in the global economy, but e-commerce companies are still constantly working on providing a more seamless experience.

Express Delivery

China's express delivery industry has always stood out and remained at the forefront of the world, and innovation in the express delivery industry is always a reformation of its boundary.


Under the background of exponential growth of traffic, logistics, payment, property and technology, the concept of new retail promotes continuous innovation and iteration of logistic models.


With the rapid change in user preference and the prevalence of e-commerce livestreaming, the traditional supply chain that handles logistics in single and large batches can no longer cope with the current situation.

Intelligent Manufacturing

Industrial production is now moving towards industry 4.0, and Damon is capable of designing optimal solutions for enterprises that center on WMS.


Pharmaceutical logistics is not simply the purchase, sales and storage of drugs or distribution of drugs.

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