Multi-Shuttle (Carton)

Excellent Order Fulfillment in Small and Multiple Batches and Massive SKU Storage and Pick-up


Nowadays when orders are in huge numbers, small volumes, and short AOG (arrival of goods) cycle, the enterprises' ability to fulfill contracts are faced with new challenges. The Intelligent Storage System with the Intelligent Carton Shuttle as the core is thus an excellent solution. The system features compact storage, fast storage and pick-up, intelligent scheduling, multi-task coordination, etc. It is a unique unmanned open-box picking solution and addresses the problem of inefficient order fulfillment. The Intelligent Carton Shuttle, in combination with the Carton Shelf Storehouse, dedicated Vertical Conveyor, Import-and-export Box Roller Conveyor, Picking Workstation, WMS, WCS, etc. can form an "Intelligent Carton Three-dimensional Storehouse", which is supported by the PHEGDA (PHM) system and can realize big data analysis while providing maintenance suggestions for system equipment. While flexibly meeting your requirements for productivity, it is also a powerful tool for you to achieve lean management.


  • Excellent Space Utilization
    It supports double-deep or even multi-deep arrangements, with fewer lanes and high storage density.
    It is suitable for transformations of all kinds of special-shaped space, with less waste of space and more flexible arrangement.
    Additional vehicles and lanes can be added at any time to easily respond to big promotions and business growth.

  • Stable, Economical and Efficient
    Compared with manual picking, the efficiency of the Shuttle is increased by 5 to 7 times.
    It can realize continuous operation for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to ensure order fulfillment.
    It addresses the problems of labor shortage and difficult personnel management, with significant advantages in saving comprehensive costs.

  • Super Strong System Availability
    The Shuttle and the Vertical Conveyor back each other up, so that the failure of either one will not affect the operation of the system.
    It supports the fast replacement of spare vehicles and can resume operation within 15 minutes.
    It features the preset maintenance cycle, automated acousto-optic alarm, standardized design of fast assembly and disassembly, and convenient maintenance.

  • Intelligent Algorithms and Higher Efficiency
    Intelligent algorithms can realize real-time path planning and intelligent path allocation, making the system more accurate.
    Goods allocation can be configured independently, which can easily respond to changes in business mode and demand, making the infeeding and outfeeding efficiency higher.
    The Pallet Shuttle and the dedicated Vertical Conveyor back each other up. The failure of either one does not affect the operation of the entire system.

  • Standardized Design and Easy Maintenance
    It features a standardized design of fast disassembly and easy maintenance in a short time.
    With a preset maintenance cycle and automated acousto-optic alarm, it can support emergency rescue stop to address failure on the site via the remote control.
    The remote failure dispatch software greatly shortens the maintenance cycle of "sudden failure".

  • Intelligent and Optimized Algorithms
    Intelligent algorithms can realize real-time path planning and intelligent path allocation, making the system more accurate.
    Goods allocation can be configured independently, which can easily respond to changes in business mode and demand.
    The system's error rate of infeeding and outfeeding is only 0.01%, which enhances the client experience.

  • Reliable and Intelligent Control
    It uses the third-generation intelligent motion controller and the technology of acceleration and deceleration in a parabolic curve, which is stable and reliable.
    It uses industrial CAN bus technology, making data transmission stable and reliable.
    Featuring high anti-interference wireless communication of 5G, it can realize seamless roaming and is stable and reliable.

  • Multiple Safety Protection
    The passive brake technology and the stopper make the operation safer.
    With a power supply from a high-quality DC48V coil, it enables smooth slide, and is wear resistant as well as safe.
    If there is any "Illegal" entry into the storage area, the system will automatically stop operating and raise the acousto-optic alarm, which makes the personnel safer.

  • Standard design
  • Intelligent control
  • Multiple protection
  • Flexible expansion


DM-1SV01 Single-deep Storage Shuttle

DM-1SV02 Double-deep Storage Shuttle

DM-1SVLT01 Vertical Conveyor Specially Used For Carton Type Shuttle

DM-1WS01 Manual Picking Working Station

DM-1WS02 Robot Picking Working Station

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