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Damon is looking for someone who constantly pursues growth, who can assist Damon in achieving business growth, while constantly expanding on their personal and professional development. We firmly believe that everyone is a talent, and are thus exploring ways to improve the capabilities of our employees. We enable you to develop your career across functions, departments and regions. All employees can find vacancies through our professional system. For high-performance employees with specific growth potential, our talent development scheme will provide approaches to accelerate your career and leadership development.


HR Specialist

work place : Bangalore /

Experience :2 years

Education :College degree


  • Make recruitment plan according to the needs of the company and the employing department, and implement it timely and effectively;
  • Responsible for recruitment channel maintenance and expansion, recruitment process and recruitment system optimization;
  • Responsible for the implementation of recruitment work, including resume screening, invitation, interview, communication with employing department, recruitment report analysis, etc;
  • Cooperate with the Department to carry out staff training, performance, compensation and related work;
  • Cooperate with other temporary affairs of department or company.


  • College degree or above, more than one year of recruitment experience is preferred,logistics industry work experience is preferred;
  • Familiar with the recruitment process, skilled use of various recruitment channels and tools, have certain recruitment experience and skills;
  • Personality, affinity, good coordination ability, understanding ability and pressure resistance ability;
  • Good language and writing skills, with a certain copywriting foundation;
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