Belt Conveyor Series

Product Introduction


Given that the types of parcel in the express and e-commerce industries are complex and in various forms with quite different specifications and weights, Damon has, with years of service experience for the domestic and foreign industry users, tailored a generation 3 express delivery belt conveyor for the express delivery and e-commerce industries. This series is highly reliable with a low maintenance cost, and is integrated with a fast assembly and disassembly design, which makes the installation and maintenance more efficient and convenient.
The Generation 3 Express Conveyor adopts a fully modular design and brand new high-precision processing technique, with its main parts such as the end, drive, body, and a side plate all using a laser processing technique and the common parts all a using molding processing technique. This effectively guarantees the processing precision and quality of various parts and also provides a solid foundation for the equipment stability.

Product Features

  • High Load Capacity and Efficiency
    With a rated dynamic load of 60 kg/m2 and a static load of up to 150 kg/m2, it can "adapt" to almost all kinds of cartons, soft bags, documents and other types of goods.
    The maximum conveying speed can reach 132 m/min and the stability of the belt conveyor can still be guaranteed at such a high operating speed.
    The complete machine has stable performance and is smash and wear-resistant, with multiple safety protection designs. As for its working environment, the ambient temperature can range from -25℃ to +50℃.

  • Stable and Reliable
    The high-precision such as laser numerical control and molding ensure the precision, firmness, robustness and consistency of modular assembly.
    The standardized and modular design greatly facilitates production, stocking and on-site installation, shortening the delivery time while reducing the error rate.
    Integrating Damon's application technology accumulation in the industry of over 10 years into their products, the long-term operation of equipment and system is guaranteed, and the equipment almost "always stays online".  

  • Energy Saving and Environmental Protection
    Adopts an intelligent sleep design and a new energy-efficient motor, automatically suspending operation when there is no parcel, to save energy and reduce consumption.
    Adopts a low-noise structural design and belt, which greatly reduces noise when it runs at a high conveying speed.
    All drive rollers, passive rollers and idlers use Damon rollers, which enables smooth conveying and lower damping, and is more energy efficient.

  • Heavy load
  • Efficient
  • Stable and reliable
  • Energy saving and environmental friendly


Express Belt Conveyor(Horizontal)

Express Belt Conveyor(Inclined)

Gate Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor

Screw Conveyor

Angle Type Conveyor

Narrow Belt Merging Conveyor

Singulator System

Inclined Protective Plate Fire Protection Flex Conveyor

Straight Plate Fire Protection Flex Conveyor

Flex Belt Conveyor

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