• Q: Will Damon's on-site team work overtime to meet the delivery date of clients in case of a short project cycle?


    Damon will organize and coordinate various resources, including but not limited to human resources for equipment production and installation, to guarantee project progress to the greatest extent. We can also ensure project construction during holidays.

  • Q:How does Damon guarantee that the project is delivered according to the contract requirements and clients' expectations, with quality guaranteed?


    We use project management tools to analyze the project according to the 5 stages and 10 fields of project management, and respond to the clients' expectations in a timely manner and have a sense of service. In addition, we organize professional project teams to ensure the integrity of project deliverables.

  • Q:Will Damon's project management team reside at the project site permanently?


    The project manager will arrange the time on site according to the project conditions and nodes, and the site manager is on the site permanently to ensure the effective implementation of project and installation quality.

  • Q:How does Damon allocate managers for a single project, and what are their responsibilities?


    A project usually consists of a project manager and a site manager. The project manager assumes the overall leadership responsibility for the quality, safety and progress of the whole project. The site manager assumes the direct leadership responsibility for the technical and installation quality management of the whole project.

  • Q:How does Damon organize project management?


    Damon manages the project as a whole with the Project Management Center as the central control. The Unified Goods Department and Project Management Department coordinate with each other, and are respectively responsible for the horizontal management and vertical management of project implementation to promote the effective implementation of each project.

  • Q: Does Damon offer a 24-hour after-sales service hotline?


    The Damon after-sales service hotline is 0572-3826179, and 800 hotline will be available after the Spring Festival of 2021. The after-sales service hotline is available 24/7, and we provide telephone and remote service support free of charge within the quality warranty period.

  • Q:Is there any charge for the after-sales service hotline after the quality warranty period?


    After the quality warranty period, clients may seek for technical support over the hotline. If the client's problems are solved remotely within 30 min, the service is free of charge. If they cannot be solved within 30 min, we can arrange personnel to the site for repair depending on the client's needs, and arrange professional engineers to the site for service according to the client's schedule after confirming the rate with the client.

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