Phegda System



is an advanced and intelligent prognostics and health management (PHM) system based on IoT, big data, cloud platforms, AI technologies and supported by information system platforms and hardware facilities. The system allows the connection of PLC, sensors, RFID, etc., which collect data and upload data onto the system on a real-time basis so that the system can sort out, mine, analyze the data, make prognostics, and offer suggestions for decision making. The system uses visual interfaces to provide users with an intuitive display of equipment operation status, truly offering real-time knowledge of equipment operation information.
can operate independently, and can also connect to WCS, MES, WMS, ERP, and other systems. It supports applications on both PC and mobile terminals and supports remote maintenance. The system has broken the traditional low-efficiency mode of the entire value chain covering data collection, summarization, classification, statistics, analysis, decision-making, etc., turning passive equipment maintenance into active and effective maintenance. The longer the system is used, the smarter and more experienced it becomes.

Product Features

  • Outstanding Artificial Intelligence
    Monitor target equipment on a real-time basis, automatically collect, sort out, and classify equipment operation data around the clock  
    The unique AI-based intelligent algorithm easily mines and analyzes data among massive data
    It provides specific queries, reports generation in a multi-dimensional environment, and supports data and chart export

  • Prognostics and Health Management
    The signal sensor, PLC, and other hardware terminal data are synchronized and stored with PHEGDA (PHM) immediately to ensure precise, real-time system data
    Real-time and precise data graphicalization intuitively presents the status, workload, and health condition of equipment
    It provides recommendations on the decision-making of equipment health prediction and maintenance, supports remote maintenance, and significantly improves equipment efficiency

  • Safe Ease of Use
    The PC software coordinates the overall situation, and the mobile terminal ignores distance and regions. The servers are distributed at home and abroad to achieve global application deployment
    It is easy to operate, with no need to manually enter equipment information or project data. It allows one-click project creation, which is convenient and accurate
    Use advanced encryption technology to achieve independent management and control of member permissions. Classified storage of data and documents guarantees data security

  • Convenient Equipment Management
    Implement distributed management of equipment of multiple projects and support fast construction of new project portals. Project information and equipment resources are clear at a glance
    Self-service BI analysis maximizes the value of various project-related and equipment-related data
    It provides multi-source data integration, reports statistics and data visualization, that allows such data to be viewed online and downloaded

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Intelligent mining
  • Asset management
  • Visual charts


System Architecture

Functional Module

Technical Architecture

Architectural Safety

Project Info

Project Board

Equipment Monitoring, Prediction, and Analysis

Equipment Health Records & Recommendations on Operation and Maintenance



Assets Management

Maintenance Plan

Project Homepage

Project Info

Equipment List


Work order

Key data and task progress analysis

Equipment Online/Offline and Task Load Analysis

Equipment Duration and Analysis of Anomaly

Carton Shuttle System

Pallet Shuttle System

Picking Robot System

Robot Mini-Load system

Cross-belt Sorting System

AGV Intelligent Handling System

Vertical Conveyor System

i-Cube High-density Storage System

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