Technological Innovation

Built upon Damon Logistics Technology Research Institute and Damon's open, inclusive and collaborative innovation mechanism, Damon pools the industry's wisdom and innovation ability to meet the demand for logistics development and solve problems existing in the market.

Innovation Ability

Technological innovation is the cornerstone of Damon's development, and it is unremittingly improving its innovative research and development ability. So far, the Company's research and development personnel represent nearly 20% of its headcount. They work in diverse specialized fields including machine vision, software, optics, navigation and big data algorithm. Damon has a total of 23 patents for invention, 134 utility models, 22 design patents and 27 software copyrights. In addition, Damon continues to research and develop cutting-edge and key technologies of intelligent logistics equipment through its Logistics Technology Research Institute, product testing centers and equipment showrooms.

Collaboration with Universities and Institutions

With its experience in R&D for the past 20+ years, Damon has forged strong industry-university collaborative relationships with Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhejiang University, and other prestigious Chinese and international universities as well as research institutes, continuously boosting the manufacturing capability of cutting-edge industries.

Breakthrough Cooperation

Based on its accumulated industry expertise over years, Damon has been actively involved in crossover cooperation. Its cooperation with renowned global companies Cognex and Schneider has helped advance the application of machine vision and digitalization technologies in logistics conveying and sorting. Its cooperation with Dahua Technology, Tencent Cloud, Honeywell, and other tech enterprises has contributed to the implementation of smart IOT (Internet of Things) solutions in intelligent manufacturing and intelligent logistics.

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