Carton Conveyor Series

The New Generation Modular Intelligent Carton Conveyor Platform


Damon's New Generation Modular Intelligent Conveying Platform i-G5, is a standardized, flexible, and intelligent conveyor system suitable for cartons, boxes, parcels, etc. The i-G5 Modular Intelligent Conveying Platform contains two series which are roller conveyor and belt conveyor. Any type of the two series can be combined with each other. All the conveying products under the i-G5 Platform adopt a uniform general side frame. The whole series of conveyors are designed in a standardized and modular way, which can realize any combination of applicable scenarios such as climbing, swiveling, reversing, shuttling, and can also enable you to "replace" with a new module or equipment unit, allowing you to easily build and configure your intelligent conveyor system just like building blocks.


  • Smart
    i-G5 works as an "intelligent unit" in the intelligent logistics system, which is based on data acquisition, intelligent drive, EZQube intelligent controller/DSmart intelligent starter and WCS. Combined with the PHEGDA (PHM) system, it can provide all kinds of intelligent services, enabling the conveyor and the conveyor system to operate at "peak performance".

  • Fast
    With a conveying speed of 120m/min, the installation efficiency of i-G5 is 38% higher than the previous generation, the maintenance time and troubleshooting time are saved by 50% and 80% respectively, and the delivery time is nearly halved, all thanks to the application of product standardization design, i-Selection system, and PHEGDA (PHM) system.

  • Green
    The whole series of i-G5 adopts a low noise structural design, equipped with energy-saving electric AC roller/AC micro-motor and EZQube intelligent drive controller/DSmart intelligent starter. The noise is reduced by 6 decibels and energy consumption by 25% compared with the previous generation of conveyor, which makes the i-G5 products "greener".

  • Attractive
    The conveyor is made as a piece of industrial art by Damon with every detail designed to the highest quality standard ranging from components such as light base and guardrail to the conveyor system and even the overall color, which makes the i-G5 products more "attractive".

  • Intelligent maintenance
  • Fast and efficient
  • Energy conservation and noise reduction
  • Modular construction


Roller Conveying Series

V-Belt Roller Conveyor

Poly V-belt Roller Spur Conveyor

Curve Roller Conveyor

Poly V-belt Spur Roller Conveyor

Gravity Roller Conveyor

Slide Bed Center Drive Belt Conveyor

Roller Bed Center Drive Belt Conveyor

Incline/ Decline Slide Bed Center Drive Belt conveyor

Brake Meter Belt Conveyor

Narrow Belt Merge Conveyor

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