Nov 03,2023

Build Strong Security Line, Lay a Solid Foundation for the High-quality Development of Customers

Safety responsibility is heavier than the mountain, the work is endless, safety is the first premise of enterprise development, only by constantly weaving tightly woven safety responsibility network, in order to truly grasp the safety production in the hand, carry on the shoulder, and put into practice. While adhering to the development of scientific and technological innovation, Damon Intelligent Logistics always puts production safety in an important position, continuously strengthens the foundation of production safety management, continuously optimizes management methods, and ensures the life and property safety of all employees, global customers and partners.


In this "Damon Has Words" program, we specially invite Mr. Zhou Xiao, the Director of Quality and Safety Department and Intelligent Logistics Management Department of Damon Technology, to introduce Damon's safety and occupational health concepts and share Damon's ideas on safety management. From product development and project planning to implementation and delivery, what are the highlight measure of Damon's safety management measures implemented to effectively safeguard the customer sites and employees safety?

1)What is the safety and occupational health philosophy of Damon Intelligent Logistics Division?

Damon always adheres to the principle of people oriented and always prioritizes the occupational health care, life safety and protection of employees. We do our best to create safe products, systems, and services for global customers, create a safe production and work environment for all employees, and make our due contribution to the harmony and stability of the entire society.


As early as the establishment of Damon Intelligent Logistics Division, we attached great importance to safety management work and proposed the slogan of "quality and safety vitality" as one of the "strategic building three forces", elevating safety work to an unprecedented level. At the same time, we established professional management departments internally, set safety production indicators and responsibilities for all employees, because safety is a work that everyone participates in.


2From product research and development, project planning, to implementation and delivery, what has Damon done to ensure the safety of its customers and employees?

-Safety compliance

First of all, after the actual communication of customers’ specific needs, Damon will comprehensively consider the laws and regulations of the implementation of project (especially overseas projects) from the product project and research and development stage, system design level. In terms of occupational disease prevention and labor injury, Damon will promptly identify and respond to local laws and regulations and their risks. In addition, in order to meet the compliance requirements of the project site, all Damon projects will carry out qualification certification for self-developed products and outsourced supporting equipment.


In addition, at the product level, in the early stage of market research, Damon will consider the safety of the potential market. In the process of independent research and development of products, we strictly implement the safety specifications of relevant countries and the design requirements related to product safety, so that Damon's products are more stable and reliable, and improve customer experience and satisfaction. Before the product is put on the market, the prototype has been fully tested and identified, and the raw materials and appearance selection of the equipment are in line with environmental protection standards to achieve energy saving, emission reduction and safety goals.


In the process of product use, in order to protect the life safety of customer operators, Damon will install industrial safety protection nets, grating, bioinduction and other protective devices around the equipment to prevent irrelevant personnel from straying into the operation site, avoid exposure to some revolving places, and make every effort to maintain the safety of customers and their production materials and finished goods from the details.


Site management

In the process of project implementation, Damon will send safety engineers to the site of each project to carry out overall safety control, and do a good job of planning related daily safety management work, such as project safety disclosure, safety Kanban, safety emergency, risk identification and hidden danger investigation, etc. At the same time, different levels of leadership and quality safety Department will also carry out irregular inspection.


3)What are the specific highlight measures of Damon in safeguarding customer site safety?

First of all, during this year's safety month, the division issued a safety white paper, from the aspects of safety education, laws and regulations, emergency response, etc., systematically propagandized the relevant knowledge to all employees, comprehensively improved the internal safety awareness of Damon, and made all employees realize that safety is a very important work.


Secondly, as a necessary entry condition for cooperation with Damon, Damon and suppliers will sign a safety production responsibility letter, which clearly requires the construction team to carry out operations on the project site to purchase personal accident insurance. Whether it is Damon employees, customers or construction teams, as long as they enter the project site, they must wear PPE equipment and do their own safety protection.


The project manager will conduct on-site safety disclosure and access material inspection for the project, investigate potential safety hazards, and incorporate relevant safety into each stage of project implementation and daily operations when making the project plan. Safety spot checks will be carried out at the start and end of work every day, and safety meetings will be held. In the specific process of construction, the site manager will also constantly inspect the safety operation situation, in view of the safety risks existing on the site, can be reported online through the QMS system in real time, our security department will intervene in time to deal with the problem, and make the closed-loop tracking of hidden dangers open and transparent.


In the key projects, the security department will regularly arrange safety emergency drills, so that the field operators to master some special scenarios of self-rescue and other rescue methods, each project will be set up safety Kanban, some safety protection and safety education routine information, daily safety management work, related operation records will be published in real time on the safety kanban.


Safety is the eternal theme in the development process of Damon, each employee always puts the word "safety" in the first place, enhances security awareness, effectively strengthens security risk control, strictly implements various measures, increases hidden danger investigation and rectification efforts, implements safety work, and builds a solid security defense line for the smooth development of various production work on the site of customers, better escorts for the Damon's high-quality development.

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