Sep 15,2023

Damon Joins Hands With 3PL to Enable Beauty Retail Brand Logistics Optimization and Upgrading

With the growth of Z generation consumption power, "Appearance Economy" continues to heat up, and beauty makeup, as one of the core industries, has ushered in a vigorous development momentum in recent years. Under this background, the importance of beauty supply chain and logistics services is further highlighted. Because beauty retail has many brands, multiple product categoriesdifferent packaging, multiple distribution channels and other characteristics, its supply chain logistics operation optimization is imminent.


Business expansion, generates logistics upgrade demand

An international third-party logistics service company is dedicated to providing customized solutions for China customers, including a variety of freight forwarding, road transportation and contract logistics services. At present, this company has established a long-term cooperative relationship with a well-known global beauty brand to undertake its retail logistics related business in China.


With the gradual expansion of operating business on behalf of customers, in the face of the surging SKU stock in warehouse, the original small-scale logistics warehouse has been unable to meet the huge demand for warehouse allocation, in order to further improve the efficiency of  out-put and in-put of warehouse of beauty products, this enterprise decided to move the warehouse to expand the logistic overall operating space, and jointly cooperate with Damon for digital intelligent transformation and upgrading.


Personalized solutions, help logistics operate with high efficiency

The new warehouse mainly covers two major business segments, B2B full container delivery and B2C picking delivery, the warehouse deploys three floors multi-tier racks and VNA guide rail narrow aisle rack for goods storage. Damon tailor-makes a set of flexible and reliable intelligent conveying sorting system solutions, through high degree coordination of core equipment and cargo collection, secondary distribution and other operation processes, automation degree has been steadily improved in the warehouse, assist the customer's logistics center operate with high efficiency and improve its service quality.


In order to better integrate with customers' business scenarios, Damon uses serial deployment of i-G5 modular intelligent carton conveyor platform, runs through the whole process of goods circulation, covering picking - collecting - secondary allocation - review packaging - sorting and other various links, optimize the artificial walking path, greatly shorten the manual handling distance, and use the carton vertical lifter to dock with i-G5 conveyor line, to achieve cross-floor handling and multi-regional linkage in the warehouse by the conveying line instead of walking.


In order to help customers easily cope with big sales promotion scenarios such as Double Eleven and 618, Damon has developed two sets of DPS wall based on the special needs of its B2C business, and will distribute the collected goods for secondary distribution. During the big sales promotion, the turnover of goods is rising, and movable electronic label put wall can be activated at any time for emergency processing. The backup put wall adopts a gantry suspension form to layout strong and weak electricity, which is safe and beautiful. The bottom of put wall is equipped with rollers, make it convenient and efficient to access, greatly save operating space.


In order to achieve that multiple groups of personnel put rapidly on both sides of put line, Damon has designed a small singulator system in B2C put line area, which enables the unordered parallel material boxes to be efficiently transported one by one after singulating, thereby guaranteeing code reading accuracy and reducing the number of personnel on the put line while accelerating manual delivery speed.


Aiming at long-distance transportation of B2B goods before being put into line, Damon equips a movable roller extension line for connection, ready to use, greatly reduces the intensity of manual work, while fully utilizing space to improve the efficiency of goods transportation. System transportation and sorting efficiency of B2C business area can reach 3600pcs/h. Through automatic weighing, scanning equipment, and high-speed balance wheel sorter, precisely sort to the corresponding express delivery company's grid, accelerate the processing speed of goods shipment.


For the fire safety at project site, Damon i-G5 conveying line adopts gate conveyor mode in the escape route area to ensure that conveyor can be turned over and opened in the first time when fire occurs, and the fire passage in warehouse can be opened immediately and smoothly, which helps the on-site personnel to escape quickly.


Damon self-developed WCS software system can quickly dock to user systems according to diversified business demands, fully open up the data barriers between major equipment and subsystems, realize upstream and downstream data sharing and highly integrated management of the overall supply chain, efficiently collaborate with the equipment in warehouse, and improve the warehouse overall logistics efficiency.

In the future, Damon will continue to focus on customer needs, persist to provide intelligent logistics system solutions in line with business scenarios for leading enterprises in major industries, improve the warehousing logistics automation efficiency, and help customers achieve high-quality sustainable development.

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