Dec 22,2021

External and Internal Cultivation, Unite With Ecosphere Partner, Enabling High-quality Development of Intelligent Logistics Equipment Industry


On December 8th -10th, the annual event of logistics equipment industry - "2021 9th Global Intelligent Logistics Industry Development Conference and 2021 Global Logistics Equipment Entrepreneur Annual Conference", elaborately created by the authoritative Asia pacific logistics media Logistics Technology And Application, was successfully held in Suzhou. With the theme of "Gathering On The Same Path, Leading The Future", the conference invited leading logistics equipment enterprises to jointly discuss hot issues in the industry, provide them with a professional platform to display innovative achievements, actively promote the application of advanced technology and promote the high-quality, sustainable and healthy development of the industry.

Industry future: dare to ask where the way?

Mr. Wu Zhonghua, general manager of Damon Technology, was invited to attend the enterprise interactive dialogue "Where Are We Going - Trend and Direction" held at the same time. In the context of the continuous expansion of logistics equipment market, the forum focused on the topic highly concerned by the industry: how to do bigger and stronger in the face of future development opportunities.


Mr. Wu said that every logistics equipment enterprise has a heart that wants to do both bigger and stronger, especially for listed companies like Damon, and doing bigger and stronger are a concomitant and spiral process. Since the listing of STAR market in June last year, the whole management of Damon has been thinking: how to move towards the new decade of Damon? How to build a new Damon in the next decade?

Focus on the intelligent logistics professional fiel


Looking back on the 24 years since its establishment, Damon Technology has always focused on scientific and technological innovation and has long been committed to the R&D and application of advanced intelligent logistics technology. Its products cover five categories: intelligent conveying products, intelligent sorting equipment, dense access system, intelligent handling series and logistics software system, from the manufacturing of core parts and key equipment to the development of logistics information software, Damon will continue to focus on building stable and reliable automated intelligent logistics equipment to benefit more industry customers. It will not forget its original intention of "Become a global professional provider of intelligent logistics system solutions and key equipment", and strive forward.

Cultivate internal skills and polish three "forces"

The first is the competitiveness of products. There is no doubt that Damon started by  transportation and sorting equipment. After 20 + years of excellent development, the product line has been expanded to all aspects of warehousing and logistics. All kinds of intelligent logistics equipment and complete products are essential units in building intelligent logistics subsystem and the foundation of the foundation. Therefore, improving product competitiveness has always been the primary task that Damon attaches importance to.


The second is the competitiveness of logistics system solutions. Damon mainly provides the whole process services from system scheme planning, product selection and manufacturing, software supporting design, project installation and commissioning, implementation and delivery to the leading customers and benchmarking enterprises in well-known industries at home and abroad. Its efficient and advanced intelligent logistics system solutions have been widely used in e-commerce, express logistics, supermarket retail, shoes and clothing, medicine, intelligent manufacturing Tobacco and other industries help solve the problems of warehousing and logistics management of enterprises, improve their operation efficiency and reduce the flow cost of goods.


The third force is the lasting vitality of quality, which runs through all aspects of enterprise operation. For 20 + years, Damon adheres to customer needs and satisfaction as the guidance, take quality as life, wholeheartedly provides the high quality for the end user and the partner's core products and solutions. In the process of running down a new decade, Damon will continue adhering to the “Quality First”, constantly pursue higher quality goals, improve the overall quality level of company, provide trustworthy quality assurance and make persistent efforts for the customer logistics system.

Build an intelligent logistics ecosystem

The concept and scope of intelligent logistics ecosystem are very wide. It not only refers to the ecosystem of upstream and downstream supply chain, but also needs the ecosystem for R&D of innovative technologies and products and development of domestic and foreign markets. In addition, as a listed company, the capital circle can also be an ecosystem. Damon will make use of its rich experience in the logistics industry for more than 20 years, based on the forward-looking judgment of the logistics equipment industry, deeply cultivate the industry and give full play to its capital advantages, create an intelligent logistics ecosystem through industrial investment, further improve Damon's influence in the industry and improve its business performance and market share, Continue to expand the strategic layout in the field of intelligent logistics equipment.

Won double awards: strong soft and hard strength


In order to commend outstanding enterprises and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the development of China's logistics equipment industry, several industry heavyweight awards were grandly presented at the intelligent logistics industry award ceremony. Damon Technology won the "2021 Intelligent Logistics Industry Quality Service Award" with its strong product and project whole process service soft power accumulated over the years. At the same time, the application case of Damon Technology's transportation and sorting system in Shiyan New Cooperative Logistics Distribution Center also won the "2021 Intelligent Logistics Industry Excellent Case Award" in one fell swoop, and its soft and hard power has been fully affirmed by the industry.


Standing at the new starting point of the 14th Five-Year , the next decade will be a golden decade for the transformation and upgrading of China's logistics equipment and technology industry. Internally, Damon will continue to focus on intelligent logistics equipment and technology, constantly refine its internal skills, and improve its professional R&D ability and high-quality service level; Externally, with an open and inclusive attitude, Damon will work with all partners in the intelligent logistics ecological circle of friends to improve the overall level of China's intelligent logistics equipment with their own strength. With the development and growth of the industry, Damon will jointly transform and grow, cooperate and win-win, and go hand in hand to the new future of the intelligent logistics equipment industry!


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