Nov 05,2021

Sixteen Years as One Day, Damon Technology Regards Quality as Life From Beginning to End

Quality month is never just a one-month activity every year, nor a vocabulary to strengthen the concept of quality. Quality work is endless and needs to be carried out continuously. Since 2005, Damon Technology has carried out quality month every year for 16 years. Guided by customer demand and satisfaction, Damon Technology has effectively improved employees' quality awareness and quality management level. Therefore, on the road of pursuing high-quality development, Damon Technology has successively made phased fruitful achievements and considerable progress in quality improvement in all aspects of the enterprise.


(Damon Technology Won the "Huzhou Government Quality Award ")

Diligence is the path to quality road, bitterness is the boat in sea of quality. As the old employees of Damon may know, there is a little story about Damon's quality: in the early years, Damon  decided to smash the installed carton conveyor on the spot and re-produce a batch of brand-new customized conveying equipment with qualified quality to the site in order to meet the specific needs of customers for product quality, and assist customers in on-site installation and commissioning. Although this may be insignificant in the development process of Damon, it shows that quality has always been the core of Damon Technology! Damon always regards quality as life and is committed to providing customers and end users with high-quality core products and excellent intelligent logistics system solutions.

Review of Quality Month activities


As always, the Quality Month of Damon Technology in 2021 was officially launched on September 27th. Since October, Damon has closely followed the theme of "Undertaking" and organized a series of quality activities. Reviewing the progress of quality month, Damon collected quality improvement suggestions for major departments and achieved full participation. Banners and publicity slogans everywhere in the office area and project site made the quality awareness deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. All departments hold special meetings on quotation and installation improvement, output specific implementation measures from manufacturing to on-site installation, form guiding documents and inspection lists, fundamentally eliminate poor quality, do it right at one time, and avoid problems such as rework waste, customer complaints and reduced satisfaction.


The quality management center formulates the Abnormity Feedback Process Operation Manual to standardize the filling of quality feedback form and strengthen employees' self perception of abnormal quality. Collect the corrective action table for 5WHY analysis, let the quality of each link be responsible, formulate the installation quality self-examination form of specific products, let each employee conduct self-examination on the project site, carry out special improvement for quality weaknesses, and formulate product quality inspection and acceptance specifications to standardize the production and installation process, so as to comprehensively improve the quality. At the same time, cultivate the product inspection awareness of relevant personnel and implement the quality awareness of all staff of "Ensuring Quality is Everyone’s Business" to the end.


Songjiang manufacture base

Through the actual assembly of "0 belt electric drive wheel module" products in Songjiang Ligu factory, the whole staff found the individual or team behaviors that had an impact on the assembly quality, and put forward improvement schemes such as optimizing the assembly SOP, optimizing the product structure, making on-site station appliances and making special tooling, so as to effectively ensure the product quality. Through the quality optimization of a product and learning from its experience and methods, it is extended to the production process of other products of Damon, so as to improve the quality awareness of all staff and provide customers with qualified products.


Huzhou manufacture base

Huzhou manufacture base integrates quality improvement into all aspects of the daily work of all employees through continuous equipment manufacturing and material distribution training, and mobilize all employees to participate in quality slogan solicitation activities. Compile and issue PFMEA so that the risks of equipment in the production process can be identified in advance, and take corresponding measures to prevent them, so as to reduce the probability of problems and error rate as much as possible.


The quality month of Damon Technology in 2021 is coming to an end. Through this year's activities, the main indicators of product quality of the division are stable and controllable, the publicity effect of "Everyone Stresses Quality" is remarkable, the quality awareness of personnel at all levels has been further strengthened, and the quality atmosphere is strong. However, the Quality Month should not only be a mere formality, but should be deeply implemented. Taking the quality month as an opportunity, Damon continues to grasp the quality, implement the quality to everyone every year, month and month, and put the quality consciousness throughout the work of every Damon person.

In the future, Damon will continue to uphold the original intention of "Quality First", forge ahead, continuously contribute to the overall quality level of Damon,and stride forward towards a higher quality goal! The quality improvement of Damon products is inseparable from the active participation of every employee. All Damon people should have quality control in their hearts, quality in their hands, attach great importance to their thoughts, wholeheartedly provide trusted quality assurance for customers' systems, make persistent efforts and strive to win the battle of quality improvement of Damon!

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